Fairy Festa June 22 & 23

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Fairy Festa

 The only Free Fantasy Festival in the Northwest!

Calling all magical beings! Bring your human friends to seek adventure at this unique fandom event celebrating Magic, Myth, Craftsmanship, Music, Dance, Art and so much more!  Two Days full of interactive activities for all ages. New this year- Dragon Trainer Academy and Gaming with Dragon Parlor Games!

Located in Spokane Valley at Spokane Gallery
409 S Dishman Mica Rd.
on the corner of Fourth and Dishman Mica Rd


June 22 & 23

Oh all the things you can do!

Start you adventure in so many ways. The dragon Master would love to introduce you to Harthenax the Dragon and there is always a Fairy Queen ready to share tea! The Mermaids love to tell tales of thier under water world and the Gnome can teach you the craft of ring making. The traveling Minstrals will play music and local dancers will perform. If you like art, you can make a wand or add to a community painting. The Enchanted Marketplace will thrill you with treasures, and the Mystical Readers tent will give you insight. Don't forget to stop in Spokane Gallery ~ in the middle of the Event ~ for all of the best Fairies, Dragons, Crystals and more! 


Go on a Quest!


Visit the 7ft Dragon


Make a Free Craft


Watch Dance & Music Performances

Meet Magical Beings

Fairy Queens, Dragons, Spites, Gnomes, Mermaids and more! Take photos, hear stories or Have Tea !

Go on a Quest!

Adopt a dragon or help save the Realm! A DND inspired Adult Quest, Scavenger hunt for little ones and a new multi adventure Quest for everyone inbetween.

Free Crafts

Make a copper ring with the Gnome, make a free fairy wand or add to a community painting. 

Enchanted Marketplace

Our Fantastic Vendors have the most unique wares in any Realm!

Your Fantasy Look!

Wear your favorite fantasy attire. Many costume accents are available or get a Fantasy MakeOver!

Performance Stage

Grab a snack and take a few minutes to watch the performers.

Take a Break

The Zen Garden is the perfect place to chill and hear story or listen to a traveling Minstral. 

Take a look at Fairy Festa

If you like any kind of Fantasy, Don't Miss It!

Our Community Event brings together Fantasy fans of all types - everyone is welcome- just as you are!

Follow the story of Faelor- Meet our Residents and See the Map of our realm.

Do you want to take part in Fairy Festa? Do you have a character, or would like to voluteer? Join our Community! Visit Spokane Gallery for more information.

The Fairy Council works very hard to present this event at no cost. In 2023 over 2500 verified guests came to the event. Volunteers and Sponsers Keep this Festival growing and Keep it FREE. If you would like to help support this great community event ~ check out our sponser page or stop in the Spokane Gallery to Volunteer!

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June 22 & 23


Fairy Festa is Growing Every Year!

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Childrens Quest


Kids finished the tasks and adopted Dragons!
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