Vendor Agreement

Vendor space agreement commencing between Spokane Gallery and the Vendor paying for rental space.

By paying for Vendor space the vendor agrees to the following:

Vendor here forth agrees to -

-sell and or give away only approved items. The Vendor agrees that all things available in vendor space are legal to be sold, are handmade or remade (upcycle), and are items agreed to when application for space is made. 

- use the space to sell handmade items and will not be subletting or re-leasing any of the space to other entities. 

 indemnify and hold harmless Spokane Gallery and K&M Real Estate and any of their owners, affiliates, officers, employees, and representatives from and against any and all losses, lawsuits, judgments, causes of action, costs, damages, claims (actual or alleged) and expenses resulting from claims for bodily injury, death, property destruction, or property damage arising out of or incidental to or in any way resulting from the acts or omissions, whether negligent or otherwise, of the Vendor, its employees, subcontractors, or agents, if any, in performance under this Agreement and the use of its Space at the Market and in the common areas of the Market.

- keep all displays, signs, merchandise and items with in the designated and marked space. Vendor agrees to keep all passing lanes, common spaces and exits clear at all times. 

- promote the event in any positive manner to help the community of artists at this event. 

- act in professional manner with all promoters, vendors and public at all times. 

-allowing the promoters to use logos, photos, names and any other promotional materials available to advertise the Event. 

-be on premises and begin setting up on or before one hour before the start time of the event. Vendors not present by 1/2 before start time; will forfeit inclusion in event and any deposits paid.

-remove and carry out all trash and leave the space in the same condition as before set up.

-retain any and all licenses required by governing agencies and vendor agrees to file and pay all required taxes.

-participate in this event as part of community and work towards the well being and benefit of all parties.

payment for space can be made here-     10x10 booth

                                                                    6' or 8' table