Red Tiger - Goddess Pendant

Red Tiger - Goddess Pendant

  • $35.00

A beautiful red tigers eye is the center of this red copper, antique gold goddess pendant. Backed with deep red suede leather, this piece measures 2 5/8" x 1 1/4" and has details of Crystal and metallic glass beads. 

Tiger Eye- element is Fire, Earth. Chakra is Solar Plexus(3rd) Creative (2nd) and Root (1st) 

Hand sculpted original of polymer clay by Holly Swanson. 

Polymer clay pendants are each unique and may include small delicate details of clay or additional elements. Please handle with care.

Excessive heat may cause changes to the piece.

These pieces are not recommended for children and could cause a choking hazard. Please keep out of reach from small children.

Remember when wearing these - last on and first off.