Rose Gold Fairy Necklace

Rose Gold Fairy Necklace

  • $45.00


Rose gold fairy with rose quartz beads. The piece is about 3" wide and light weight. The light pinks, rose gold and gold tones are beautiful on any skin tone. 

Filigree Pendants

Each of my handmade pendants are one of a kind.  The pieces are a collection including re-purposed heirloom pieces combined with new and handmade elements.  The pieces are for decorative wear and many items are antique and can be fragile. Each piece is connected using the best process and tugged on for testing but can still be pulled apart from rough handling.

Remember last thing on and first thing off

Please keep out of reach of small children.  Pieces can be carefully cleaned with a damp soft cloth. The metals included in these pieces are mixed and combined for aesthetics and do not to conform to any allergy safety rating. Please enjoy these pieces as artisan made decorative jewelry items.